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Booking rules

Selection of date

You have to choose date of check-in and check-out to the hotel in order to book it. Check-in time differs in different hotels and in different countries (it varies from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.). If You are coming to hotel before mentioned time hotel has the right not to lodge You and oblige to wait until mentioned time. You can leave stuff in hotel's luggage office and walk around the city. If there are some free rooms in hotel they can lodge You earlier but it is all at hotel's discretion. If You need guaranteed early check-in You have to book room on 24 hours earlier and to mention in comments that You would like to have early check-in, date and time of check-in to hotel.

Selection of city and country

Choose the city where You would like to book hotel. Popular cities are represented by separate list. If it does not have needed city, enter its name in the field «other» and if You don't know how to spell it make country selection and find needed city from the list.

Type of room and number of rooms

The next step is to choose type of room in hotel and the number of rooms. 1, 2 or 3 adults and 1 child on the additional bed can stay in the same room. 1 big bed (DBL) or 2 separate beds (TWIN) can be in the room for two persons. Selection of accommodation type in rooms for two persons performs in the moment of search form filling in (GTA) or after hotels search at the moment of concrete hotel booking (Tourico, Amadeus, Russia and CIS). Children under 12 years usually live in room for free. Additional bed for a child is not placed in rooms for one or three persons. If 1 adult and 1 child above 6 years are traveling together then they have to book room for two persons.

Additional parameters

Additionally You can search by the name of hotel or part of its name, by class of hotel or the number of its stars, by location in the city or by price. Don't forget that in this case system will show You not the full list of our hotels that satisfy Your parameters. Also You can search for exact hotel networks in some systems.

Search results

The full list of hotels that You can book is shown to You after searching. Hotels are sorted by price in default, also You can sort them by name, by class and by availability. Every hotel in Your request has status: «for request» or «available». «For request» means that request is accepted for review by hotel and You will get reply concerning rooms availability in 24 hours, in some cases, request can be reviewed for 72 hours. «Available» means that in this case we have guaranteed rooms in this hotel and confirmation of order will be sent during 3-5 minutes.


Different prices bring off in different booking systems:
Tourico - shows price per 1 room. You see the price for one room and for 1 day.
GTA - shows full price per order. You see the price per all requested rooms for all term of staying. Total price per whole order.
MGHotels - shows minimal price per 1 room. You see minimal price of one room per day. If You'll click on hotel's name You'll see all categories of possible rooms with price per one day.
Russian and CIS - shows full price per 1 room on the whole term of staying. This information is given for every category of room that can be booked.

Booking of room

You will reach to booking form after You'll choose hotel and type of accommodation. You have to fill all required fields on English language because these data will be sent to hotel directly.

Payment methods

We are accepting following payment methods:
  1. Bank transfer
    You can pay for Your order through bank transfer. You will get invoice for payment that You can disburse in any bank after hotel's booking. After proceeding the payment You should send the copy of payment obligation to us by fax.
  2. Yandex Money
    If You're registered in Yandex-money system You can pay for accommodation using Yandex.Wallet or Internet.Wallet as method of payment. If You're not the customer of this service You can register and use this service for payment. For booking with Yandex.Money You don't need to use credit card, booking confirms after payment receipt.
  3. WebMoney
    You can pay for order with Webmoney system. It is enough to transfer mentioned sum on Webmoney wallet that will be mentioned for You during booking of room.

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